Family Set

Family Juice Set

Fresh Cold Pressed Raw Organic Juices
(12 Bottles of 250ml freshly prepared cold pressed juice.)
Free Delivery!

Share the tasty Cold Pressed Juice with your precious love ones.
Start introducing nutritious cold pressed juices to them when they are still young.
If your kids are always having unhealthy food outside and at school, then you know that they definitely need juices at home.
At least at home under your wings, you know that you can give them nutritious foods and drinks to "make up" for what they are lacking when they are not with you. 

Share this healthy diet of cold pressed juice with your love ones today!

What's special about this program?
We come up with different juice combinations every time!
And it taste really good! 

See your Family Set Below: 12 bottles of 250ml cold pressed juice per set
2 x A.B.C ~ Apple, Beetroot, Carrot (102 calories)
(A great drink to energize yourself with a boosting juice )
2 x LEMONY HARMONY~ Green Apple, Green Coral Lettuce, Orange, Lemon ( 98 calories)  
(Increase anioxident level and improves digestive sysytem )
2 x GINGER ZING ~Blue Ginger, Carrot, Apple, Orange ( 107 calories)
(Detoxify and aids in digestion )
2 x WLOVER~ Watermelon, Beetroot, Apple x 2 (105 calories)
(cooling and increase body immunity system)

2 x ORANGE POWER~ Orange , Carrot x 2 (104 calories)
(High antioxident and improve skin condition)

2 x SWEET DOC~ Honey Dew, Yakult x 2 (115 calories)
(Anit cancer , maintain healthy skin, increase prebiotic and probiotic)

Offer Price~ $59.90 Usual Price $79.90

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Juices are cold pressed unpasteurized with 100% fresh organic raw veggies and fruits

No sugar, water or preservatives added

Cold pressed technology produces no heat and minimizes oxidation to retain nutritional benefits

Juices are stored in 400ml air tight bottles
To be consumed within 24 hrs and no longer than 48hrs.

Bottles are packed in well designed cooler bag that can keep chilled for about 1.5 ~ 2 hrs

Enjoy the convenience of juice properly chilled and ready to drink with island wide delivery

Price displayed inclusive of delivery and service charge.

DELIVERY(Special offer: Island wide delivery free)
Upon purchase, we will contact you within 24hrs to make delivery arrangements.
Please indicate your contact numbers upon purchase.
Delivery slots are available as follows:
Monday to Saturday (not operating on Sunday and PH)
Time slot:
1) 10am to 12pm (this slot is not available for Monday and one day after PH)
2) after 7pm

Redemption period: Valid for 3 months upon purchase date.

Please understand that there are limited delivery slots per day, it will be based on first come first serve basis.
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