3 Days Introductory Program


$149.90 (usual: $179.70)

18 Bottles of 400ml raw freshly prepared cold pressed juice 
+ 3 bottle of Ionized water.


Crave for more?
We are giving you a Surprise!

We know how hard it is to do juicing without food. 
You can now opt for a Free Snack Juice (Orange or Watermelon) daily during your 3 days of juicing!
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Choice of free snack juice or snack pack
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See your juice program below :
DAY 1:
1) W LOVER ~  Water melon, Apple, Beetroot (146 calories)
(Boost immunity and regulates body temperature )

2) ORANGE POWER~ Carrot, Orange ( 162 calories)  
( Improves eyes wellness and bring radiant glow to skin )

3) FRUITY LOVE ~ Green apple, Pineapple, Pear( 153 calories)
(Cleanse and detoxify, Effective cleaner for kidneys and liver  )

4) Zombie Juice~ Orange, Green Apple, Mint ( 146 calories)
(Reduce Uric acid to prevent gout )

5) PEAR UP ~ Pear, Green apple, Coconut Water ( 145 calories)
(Improve digestive and boost energy )

6) HONEY GRAPE NUT MILK ~ Skim Milk, Almond Nuts, Grapes, Honey    ( 188 calories)
(Promotes healthy bones and improve digestive system)

DAY 2:
1) A.B.C ~ Apple, Beetroot, Carrot (166 calories)
(A great start to energize yourself and boost your immunity system )
2) GINGER ZING~ Ginger, Carrot, Apple, Orange ( 171 calories)  
(Detox and helps to relive digestive problems )
3) LEMONY HARMONY~ Green Coral, Lemon, Green Apple, Orange (124 calories)
(Great slimming effects)
4) CUJITO ~ Cucumber, Tomato, Pear, Mint Leaves ( 128 calories)
(Eliminates bad breath and boost digestive system)
5) COCONUTY ~ Coconut Water, Almond Nuts, Grapes ( 169 calories)
(Anti-aging, reduce weight,refreshing )
6) SUNSET ~ Orange, Yakult, Aloe Vera ( 202 calories)
(Strong Vitamin Cs, prevent Strokes, Improve Bowels )

DAY 3: 
1) IRON RELISH~ Spinach, Beetroot, Apple, Orange ( 162 calories)  
(Energy Booster, improves immunity system )

2) GREEN ENERGY ~ Spinach, Celery, Green apple, Pineapple( 153 calories) (Lifts energy level, regulates pH and blood pressure )

3) Garden's Purity ~ Celery, Carrot, Green apple, Mint ( 145 calories) (Increase your body antioxidant level and aid slimming )

4) BEL VISO ~ Apple, Tomato, Lemon ( 188 calories) 
(Promotes healthy skin and improve digestive system)

5) HONEY BABY ~ Honey Dew, Green Apple, Green Coral Lettuce  
 ( 162 calories) 
(Fights cholesterol, Strengthens bones and detox )

6) STARRY NIGHT~  Star Fruit, Green Apple, Chia Seed (145 calories) (Increase your body antioxidant level and aid slimming)

Why Juice?
If you are trying to cut calories, hunger can be a challenging obstacle. A short juice fast can help train your body and mind to consume less food, and fewer calories. However, many people are unaware that store-bought juices do not contain all the nutrients you’d hope would be in fruit or vegetable juice. Bottled juices must be pasteurized in order to stay on the shelf. Because the shelf life of fresh juice is short, the pasteurization process allows the juice to remain in stores until it reaches the consumer but it also loses all of the important nutrients , leaving behind only sugar and flavor. That’s no good, so you want to be sure that if you are doing a short juice fast, or just substituting a meal that you make the juice that day.


Juice tales 3 Days Juice Cleanse : 
Designed for beginners, aids with weight loss, acid reflux, blood pressure, and quality of sleep

Juices are cold pressed unpasteurised with 100% fresh raw veggies and fruits

No sugar, water or preservatives added

Cold pressed technology produces no heat and minimises oxidation to retain nutritional benefits

Juices will be prepare fresh on the day of delivery.

Juices will be stored in 400ml air tight bottles.

Best consumed within 24 hrs and no longer than 48hrs upon receiving the juice.
Please keep the Juices chill at all times, do ensure that your fridge temperature is set between   3-5 degrees and do not over stuff your fridge with other food.
We do not hold any responsibility for juice turning bad due to improper storage.

Bottles are packed in thermally insulated aluminum cooler bag that can keep chilled for about 1.5hrs.
(please do not hold the handle of the cooler bag with the juices inside as the handle will not be able to carry the weight)

Enjoy the convenience of juice properly chilled and ready to drink with islandwide delivery
Advance reservation required
Our sales manager will contact you within 24hrs upon purchase for delivery or self collection arrangments.
Not available on Sun and PH
Valid for 30 days from date of purchase

(Excluding Sunday and PH) 
Morning Slot~Between 10am to 12pm
(Not available for Monday and one day after PH for morning slots)

Evening Slot~After 7pm

Limited Delivery slots per day. First come first serve basis.

Need the Juices urgently?
Opt for our Express Service for only $20
(limited to 2 express service slots per day)
(Please inform us if you need this service, payment to be made separately)


Cafe/Store Address: 116 Changi Road, #01-08, WIS@Changi , Singapore 419718. (just at the junction on Everitt road north near Eunos Mrt)
Operation hrs: Mon to Sat (excluding Sun and PH)- 10am to 7pm
Pick up time slot: Between 10am to 12pm or 6pm to 8pm
Please contact in advance to arrange for pick up.
Cafe Contact nos: 83386858 / 96810504 (Kent~ manager)

Always maintain the juices in chilled condition
Not valid with other promotions and discounts

Delivery option
Choice of free snack juice or snack pack
Preferred delivery time slot
Preferred Delivery Day
Other Preferred Delivery date
Different Address/Contact
Add Ons to all six bottles in each day:-
Aloe Vera ($6):
Aloe Vera Is High in Vitamins & Minerals,Helps with Digestion,Helps in Detoxification,Alkalizes the Body,Helps Boost the Immune System

Chia Seeds($9):
Chia Seeds Deliver a Massive Amount of Nutrients With Very Few Calories,Loaded With Antioxidants,

Almost All The Carbs in Them Are Fiber,Able to Help You Lose Weight,

High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It is loaded with nutrients that can have powerful effects on your body and brain.
Has Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties

Can Lower LDL and Triglyceride Levels

Protects LDL Cholesterol From Becoming Oxidized

Reduce Blood Pressure

*If you want the add on to be on all the days, you can change the qty of add ons when you make payment in order to add on for all your sets.
Add ons

Hunger For Some Solid Food While Juicing?
Grab our Cold Salad together with the set for only $3.50 (usual $5)

Ingredients are freshly selected daily, contains 3 different types of freshly steam/boiled vegetables.
Process carefully in order to retain the freshness, nutrients and minerals.
Specially designed to go along with our one day juice program.
You may opt to heat it up with microwave for 20 sec or consume it cold.
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