Juices for Mum to be


Are you pregnant and looking to get the maximum nutrition from what you consume?
Do your love ones especially your parents advise you not to take supplements during pregnancy?
Well, they are right.
Having supplement pills during pregnancy is not advisable as it might cause birth defects according to individual body conditions.
As you can read from the labels on the supplements bottle, there are many contains that don't come from natural vegetables/fruits source.
This doesn't mean that the supplement is bad for health, but during pregnancy, we will definitely want to be extra careful.

If you are looking to maintain a safe healthy diet during your pregnancy,  juicing will be a good ideal.
Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always recommended and essential when you are pregnant. This may not always be a pleasant experience while you are pregnant. You may be battling nausea, may feel bloated and not wish to eat at all.
The best alternative to ensure both you and your baby still get the required nutrition and do not feel dehydrated is by having some cold pressed juice.

Juices To Drink During Pregnancy

Juice Tales have created a few tasty concoctions suitable for you with the convenience to enjoy fresh organic cold pressed juice deliver to you without the hassle of preparing and washing.  
Choose any six bottles (400ml) for $59.90 to consume over 2 days and we will deliver to you free! 

P1: Carrot, Beetroot, Orange (calories: 167)
( this concoction is loaded with nutrients and can act as your natural protection against cold and flu which will help to prevent the need of medication while you are pregnant . )

P2: Coconut water, Grapes  (calories: 181)
( this concoction helps to prevent dehydration worries and fights off exhaustion. It also fight off acidity, keep your blood pressure in check. It can help fight hair fall, which is a common complaint when pregnant. )

P3: Green apple,Lemon, Orange  (calories: 182) 
( this concoction contains various healthy nutrients that are good for you and your baby, It is also a great way to prevent any unnecessary weight gain during and after your pregnancy )

P4: Beetroot, Spinach, Carrot  (calories: 151) 
( this concoction helps to boost your energy and give you the required stamina needed as your pregnancy progresses. It helps to flush out any toxins from your body and also purify your blood. This is essential to the baby as you will want your baby to be healthy.)

P5: Red apple,Celery, Ginger  (calories: 159) 
( this concoction helps gas eliminations that often occurs during pregnancy, it also soothes nausea and vomiting. )

P6: Banana,Strawberry, Apple  (calories: 192) 
( this concoction helps to add a natural glow to your skin, during pregnancy it is common to see your skin gets dull in color. It is also very good for your heart and extremely essential during your pregnancy  )

P7: Cucumber, Green Apple (calories: 164) 
( this concoction helps reduce the symptoms of swellings during your pregnancy, aids with teeth and gum protection and tightens the skin. Since the belly is constantly growing, skin tightening effect will be exactly what any pregnant woman needs.   )

P8: Pumpkin, Orange, lemon (calories: 148) 
( this concoction helps with insomnia during pregnancy, aids in constipation and nausea especially first pregnancy trimester. It reduce the possibility of high blood sugar level as well.   )

P9: Carrot, Green apple, Spinach (calories: 159) 
( this concoction helps to boost your unborn baby's eye sight and bone.It also help to cleanse your liver and clear your body of any toxin.The vitamins will be essential to maintain the health of your nails from getting brittle.   )
*Juices will be freshly prepared on the day of delivery and we will ensure chillness during delivery.
*There will be one bottle of ionized water free for you, just drink it anytime.
*Eat normally.
*Note that this is not a pure juicing program, we don't encourage pure juicing during pregnancy.
*Do consume them frequently as supplement even after birth during nursing. It is good to both you and baby.
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