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Customers Review




Highly recommended! Definitely a trusted source to ensure their products are fresh for customer’s consumption. Totally enjoyed the juice, fantastic customer service and will order again!
Love how informative and helpful Kent has been, including on assisting with my delivery. Juices are fresh and yummy so i Will definitely order from him again!
The fruit juices taste great! I am loving it !
Loyal customer here. Ordered many times and all very satisfied. Good communication with the seller and he has been very accommodating to my special requests. Thanks for the tasty and healthy choice offered!
Great juices! Repeat and loyal customer here. Juice tastes nicer than some other brands and it's good to order the bottles as you can choose your favorite taste!!
Nice taste! Healthy detox programme! Will buy again. Seller was friendly and fast to response. Delivery service was great.
Cant remember how many times i order from them. Whenever they have good promotion , dont miss this chance grab ur set. Nice taste , great value
Love the coconut flavor the best! The seller is very friendly too, thank you.
This is my 3rd order. Kent, is very helpful.and acoomodatkg to my repeat changes of delivery dates. Highly recommended to buy from Juice Tales
Good communication. Delivered as arranged. Hassle-free. Well packed with cooler bag to keep items fresh. Good variety of taste.
The juice was nice and seller will constantly update on the promo they have.
As usual, great service and delicious juices. I like all the flavours. My 2 cents for newbies: Have some solid food (salad or warm soup) if you experience severe hunger pangs. I have done cold pressed 5 times already. As I have gastric problem, I allow myself one light meal a day. After the 2 days juice diet you will find your food consumption reduced and you need less food/junk food.
good price.good quality and good service................
Kent is very responsive as usual. My third purchase and totally love the juices!
Seller is very responsive through whatsapp, even can accommodate my last minute change of delivery request *thumbs up* The juices are very delicious and great way to detox. The hunger pang is still bearable, although I pair it with fruits on second day. Overall, highly recommended. Will buy again if there is promo.The fruit juices taste great! I am loving it !
Thumbs up for service. Juices were well packed in cooler bags to preserve the freshness. Will start detox tomorrow. It is my first time and hope I will succeed. Thanks seller!
Second time ordering. Don't think it can help me lose weight within such a short period of time but just wanted to detox. Good service from seller and delivery guy. Seller texted me within minutes of placing my order to ask when I would like my juice to be delivered. Delivery guy called and texted me before delivering.
Seller is prompt and responsive! Im starting my first bottle while typing this comment. Thanks seller. Pls throw in more discount so we can get more!!!
Just started drinking today. Juice tastes nicely & refreshing. Delivery & service were excellent :-)
Thanks again juice tales for the yummy juices and excellent customer service! Till my next purchase!
Extremely fast delivery, order in morning and received in the evening.
Super good service. Seller was responsive. Ordered a couple of times before and this is a super good promotional price! Really enjoy the juices!!!
Bottles were identified in sequence on their caps and packed in insulated bag. Thanks Seller for your efficiency
The price is good and the fruit juices is packed nicely .
Nice juice and kind delivery man Seller was also very prompt and speedy in whatsapp replies
The juice is nice..daily delivery prompt...feel lighter after consumed...
Just done with day 1 of the juice fast and I have to say that most of the juices were incredibly tasty, some perhaps a little too sweet because of the vegs/fruits. Kent has been approachable and responsive to the messages and helpful during this fast that will prove to be very difficult for any meat-lover.
I exercised everyday for 30mins, and it was only especially tough on the first day and a slight decrease in performance the next 2 days. There were no issues at all going about doing daily activities (eg shopping, working, studying etc). I did get hunger pangs but I expected that. The juices tasted great and service was excellent.
Awesome service from Kent! He is flexible to accomdate to my inflexible timing. Great followup and prompt response. I love the juice! It's delicious! Especially the ginger doesn't taste overwhelming. It will be great if we get to drink nut milk everyday! Highly recommended
The juices taste amazing! With pulps and fibres included. =D On the day I started the juice fast, I received loads of queries from my co-workers at work about it, and some are even interested to try as well. I think the 1-day programme is too short to see immediate results, but I do see some improvement in my bowel movement the following day. Must be the detox effect working! I am going to try a 3-day programme next time. And I love it that we are able to arrange delivery according to our convenience. ^_^
Just finished my 5th bottle for the 2nd day... So far the juices are quite tasty, and they have fruit/veggy/nut bits for extra bite. I didn't feel too hungry before the next bottle. Delivery on each of the 3 days was prompt with a phone message sent to me about half an hour prior.
I find it helpful that Juice Tales numbered the juice. This is my first time juicing and I would have no idea which flavor to start off with. Kent was patient and polite, communication with him was smooth. Looking forward to complete my 3 days cleanse
Forever good experience with Juice tales. The best!
Received promptly as requested. Repeat purchase. I like the juices. Not sour, and bitter and don't have too raw taste either. I like their salad too! Thanks
Generally the juice are quite yummy. Although There are few bottels, personnally don't like the taste. But all still acceptable and I'm able to finish it. 

For day1, finished all 6 bottles and with one portion of boiled broccoli. (Too starve hence no choice but eat broccoli around 4pm). 

For day2, finished 5 bottles with one portion broccoli at 1pm and one porridge at 5pm. (A bit fail as too starve and body uncomfortable).

For day3, finished 4 bottles with one portion porridge at 6pm. (Headache and ate pills in morning). 

Overall experience, as body started experiencing uncomfortable and slight fever on 2nd day, i decided not to be too starve by taking some porridge. However, 3rd day my headache kicks in and I eat panadol so I'm not sure if I'm successful detox or not. Day2 and day3 extra bottles which I can't finish I give my sis and husband to drink. 

This is my 1st time, but body feel ok. Not burden or difficulties in accepting the taste. I know these juices definitely improves my skin a lot! 

I definitely want to try again.

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