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What machine do you use for juicing?

We use a low rpm style juicer (such as a twin gear or single auger style machine)
Please refer to the image below for the juicer we are using.

What is the difference between a low rpm style juicer and a centrifugal style juicer?

When fruits and veggies are put through a low rpm style juicer, the juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients. Such cold-pressed juices are clean and refined nectar without the fiber.

Other styles of juicing, involving fruits and veggies being sliced by spinning blades, can overheat and oxidize the juice, resulting in nutrient loss - and a less palatable end result. Centrifugal juicers create juices that are frothy and even chunky.

Why should I consume cold-pressed juice?

It's easy going green. For many of us, green cold-pressed juices are the nutrient boost our bodies need because they're packed with "live, whole ingredients, so it's an instant health-hit to the bloodstream.

It would be extremely difficult to eat enough greens to get the same nutrient impact.

The chlorophyll contained in green juices helps keep your blood healthy. Green juices are very oxygenating and give you clear skin and bright eyes.

Juice Tales' recipes contain a whopping 1.5 - 2 kilograms of green veggies, so drinking it is a lot easier than sitting down to eat the same quantity of raw veggies.

Another benefit of drinking green juices, is that you eventually start to retrain your taste buds and ultimately lose the craving for hot chips and other fatty foods.

How long can I store the unpasteurized juice?
Typically no more than 24 hours in order to gain the most benefits. Though some claim that unpasteurized juices can last for 72 hours, we do not recommend storing them for more than 48 hours.

Upon receiving the juices, remove them from the insulator bag/ Cooler bag and place them in the chiller compartment of your fridge.
This will ensure the juice to be nicely chilled and keep fresh longer.

If you are having 2 Days juices delivered together, place Day 1 juice in the normal fridge compartment and Day 2 juice in the coldest area of your chiller compartment.
Consume your Day 1 Juice asap within 24 hrs and Day 2 juices within 48 hrs.
Can I store the juices in the freezer if I can't finish the juices?

Storing the juice in the freezer will not keep the juice fresh much longer than it should be.
Although it slows down the oxidation process, it will at most extend life span for around half a day to 1 day only.
Also, the bottle might burst open due to the freezing process and caused the juice to be contaminated especially if you keep raw meat in the freezer.

Also we do not encourage you to keep them in the freezer as you might have the tendency to feel safe and forgot to consume within the time frame.

Hence it is still better to consume them within 48hrs for the max benefits. 

Should I opt for separate daily delivery for my 2/3 Days program?

It is better to opt for daily delivery to ensure freshness.

Although our juices can last in the chiller for 48hrs max upon you receiving.

Your chiller will need to be cold enough to chill the juices. Preferably temperature will be between 1 to 4 degrees.
(ideal fridge temperature is 1.6 degrees)
* Chiller Compartment is the small compartment that is the coldest in your fridge normal compartment.
Temperature should be between 1 to 2 degrees in the compartment

We have encountered customers who like to stuff their fridge with many food or set a small power for the fridge to save electricity.

These will cause the temperature of the chiller to be higher than 5 degrees and shorten the freshness period of the juices . 

You might feel that the fridge is cold at 5 degrees and above but the temperature is actually not enough to keep the juice fresh.

If you are not confident that your fridge will be cold enough, please opt for separate daily delivery to ensure freshness of the juice. 

I am not sure which juice I should go for?
Let us know if you have any health conditions or any vegetables/fruits preference so that we can make some recommendations.

If you are allergy to any ingredients, please let us know & get doctor's advise.

Do note that taste of Wheat grass , Beetroot etc might be a bit weird for some people, if you are not use to the taste, please let us know in advance.

Do kindly remind us of the ingredients you can't consume for subsequent orders as we do not keep customer's data for more than 1 month.

What should I be expecting from the juicing?

Reactions differ from individual condition, some might feel energizing and some might even lose weight immediately.

However, it takes time for the result to be significant, 

Do note that these are natural cold pressed juice, not medications.

At least 3 months of juicing for once a week is required to see significant results.

Do not over react when you suffer from light vomit , diarrhea or slight fever as it is normal while detoxing.
 (if symptoms persist and getting serious, please consult doctor's advise)

How far in advance should I place my order?
If your order is for less than 10 bottles, 2 hours advance notice would suffice.
For orders of 15-50 bottles, please give us one day in advance.
For 50 bottles and above, we will require two days notice.
This is to ensure the juices are prepared freshly for your consumption. 
For orders of our Juice Cleansing program, we will contact you for delivery arrangements within 24hrs.

Is there instructions on the steps and sequence to drink the juices?
Drink a glass of warm water (best with fresh lemon (15ml) squeeze in) upon waking up in the morning

Consume your first juice 30 mins later.

Consume subsequence juices every 1.5 to 2 hrs. (follow the numbers stated on the bottle caps)
If you feel hungry, please consume only boiled green vegetables or some boiled eggs without yolk.
Do not consume other food or drinks especially coffee

Consult with our consultant if you are having any allergies
Get doctor's advice if you are under medications
How effective are your juicing program?

It depends on individual body.
Everyone reacts differently, some manage to loss 2 kg after a 3 days program.
And some takes a longer time to see effect.
To see significant changes, it is advisable to do a 3 days program twice a month for 3 months.

Is there sugar added to the juice?

100% NO.
we only use fresh veges and fruits for the juices. The sweetness are all natural from the ingredients. 
There is no sugar or addictive in the juices.

If I want to start my program on Monday, when should be my delivery date?

We don't have a Morning delivery slot for Mondays and one day after PH.

This is because we are close on Sun and PH, we will need the next day morning to prepare our ingredients.

Hence it is advisable to start your program on Tuesday and have your delivery on Monday evening.

Else you can also opt for self collection at our cafe on Monday morning after 11 am.

Alternatively, you can opt for Express service delivery for only $20 and we will engage a driver specially for you to deliver between 11am to 12pm on Monday.

What will be the arrival time for delivery?

For Morning slot, the estimated arrival time is between 10am to 12pm.

For Evening slot, the estimated arrival time is between 7pm to 10pm.

We will inform you when the driver pick up from us.

As it depends on driver's arrangement and traffic condition, we can't give you an exact arrival time. 

What do I need to take note if I opt for morning delivery?

As mentioned, we do not have morning delivery of Monday and one day after PH. Hence do not opt for morning delivery on these days.

For morning delivery, we normally starts preparing the juice as early as 5am depending on the morning orders of the day.

As our chiller is usually full of ingredients in the morning, it might not be cold enough to store the prepared juices. 
Therefore we will store the prepared juices in our freezer in order to maintain chillness and freshness.

Hence while waiting for the driver to collect at 9.30am - 10am, the juices might be slightly frozen. But be rest assure that the juices are perfectly ok.

When you receive the juice, just place them in the chiller to defroze will do.

*It is advisable to consume a small portion of oat meal or 1 banana to ease the morning hunger if you opt for morning delivery.

What if I am not home yet when the juice arrive?

The driver will call you if there is no one at home, you can instruct him to hang at your door (electric/shoe cabinet etc) and collect asap when you are back.

The juice are packed to be chilled in the insulator bag for around 3 hrs starting from the time driver collect from us.

Please understand that we will need to arrange one day in advance for drivers, do not make last min changes as it may incurred extra charges.

I am not available to receive the juice with the time slot given, what other choice I have? 

You may opt for self collection at our cafe between 10am to 7pm between Tue to Fri and 11am to 7pm for Monday and one day after PH.
Opt for Express service ($20) and we will arrange a driver specially for you.

Can I drop by the cafe to order and pay by cash?

Yes, you are welcome to do so, however you will need to wait when we prepare the juice for you.
As the juices are cold pressed with slow juicer, it takes a longer time to prepare.

I don't want to pay by Paypal or Credit Card, can I pay cash to your driver when deliver?

Sorry, the drivers are not directly under our company. They are not allowed to collect cash on our behalf.

You may opt to pay by bank transfer to our POSB saving acc 188242480.

If I order today, when is the earliest I can receive?

If you order before 11am, we can try to arrange for delivery in the evening if delivery slot is still available.

We are flexible in order to serve you better, but it will depends on the amount of orders that particular day. 
Please understand that there is only limited delivery slot per day, hence the earlier you order and booked the slot, the easier it is for us to make arrangements.

I will like to do juicing on weekdays, but there is no fridge in my office and I need to be out all the time. What can I do?

If you intend to bring bring the juice out with no fridge to keep chill, below will be some tips for you.

1) request for delivery the night before.

2) upon receiving of the juices, place the alkaline purified water and bottle 3 to bottle 5 in the freezer to freeze them. Bottle 1 and 6 in the normal chiller compartment will do.

3) In the morning, pack bottle 2 to 5 with the frozen alkaline purified water together in a reusable cloth cooler bag. (you may also purchase the cooler bag from us at $8 each)

4)Drink your 1st bottle at home before you go out.

5) Try to keep the cooler bag with juice in cooling location, do not leave them in warm location or in the car with no air con.

6) Do consume 1 bottle every 1.5 hrs. If you are hungry, do have some boiled vege or eggs without yolk.(you can easily get it from Yong tau fu stores)

7) For the last bottle, please consume it when you are home.
Can I customize my juice?

We encourage you to check out our wide variety of juices. If you do not see any juice that you fancy, simply notify us of your preference and we will prepare your juice according. (Prices will depend on ingredients used.)
you may customize your Signature juice at

What is a Juice Fast?

A juice fast is a type of detox diet or cleanse that involves the consumtion of only raw veggies & fruit juice and water for a short period of time. It is considered one of the more rapid methods of detoxification.
A typical juice fast lasts one to five days. Consultation with a health care professional is recommended, particularly for fasts lasting longer than three days or for anyone with a health condition.

How should I prepare for a juice fast?

Start prepping your body three days before the juice fast. Although it may be tempting to jump into a juice fast, preparation is considered essential because it affects how a person responds to the cleanse. Certain foods, such as coffee, sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol, and wheat are phased out to reduce headaches, cravings, and other withdrawal symptoms. It’s also considered important to increase intake of fresh vegetables during the pre-fast. 

What should I do during the juice fast?

Upon rising: It is beneficial to have a cup of lukewarm water with lemon juice. This will help to flush out the toxins that accumulates the night before.

After 30 mins, you can start consuming your 1st juice and with an interval of 1.5 to 2hrs for each bottle.

To optimize the absorption of nutrients, we recommend drinking juice slowly rather than gulping it down. Juice is typically consumed a couple of hours apart, with the final drink of the day being at least three hours before bedtime.

Can I still eat and drink my daily dosage of coffee / tea while doing juice fast?

It is not advisable to consume any food or drinks other than the juices and plain water during your program. This is to maximize the effects of the cleansing and avoid introducing toxins to your system.

If hunger pangs are persistent or uncomfortable, consider having some boiled green vegetables.

If I am still feel hungry after drinking 1 bottle of juice, can I drink another bottle concurrently?

Our body can only absorb around 350ml of juice nutrients at 1 time. Interval of 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs is required for better absorption.

If you drink 2 bottles of juice at one time, your body will flush out the excess nutrients and it will be a waste.

Do grab some boiled veggie or boiled eggs (without yolk) to ease the hunger instead.

How do I break fast the day after juicing?

Upon rising, have a cup of lukewarm water with lemon juice. Start your first meal light (eg: 2 boiled egg white , a slice of wholemeal bread or oat + boiled Broccoli)
Eat light and healthy for the rest of the day.

I'm worried that I can't commit the 3 days juice fast, what should I do?

You can opt for separate delivery and split the days in 3 different dates.
You can always start up with our 1 Day Beginner Cleansing program. This will give you a taste of what it is like and help you to kick start this journey.

How frequent should I go on a cleansing program?

It depends on your body condition, we recommend 2 times a month for a 3 days cleansing program or at least once a week per month for the 1 day cleansing program.
Do it for at least 3 months to see significant results.

How should I eat normally while not doing juicing?

It is recommended by nutritionist that one should have half a fist size of carbo (eg rice/noodle), 1 fist size of protein (eg chicken/fish), 1-2 fist size of veg and one fist size of fruits for each meal.
Do avoid fatty, oily, fried, high calories food.
Even if you are tempted to have it, take it only occasionally like once a month.

Remember: You are what you eat.
No one can force you on your choices.
Love yourself enough to have a healthy body.
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